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Leak Callout

ATS Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Water Main Break? Emergency Line Locate?
Call Us Anytime – Day or Night

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Maximize Your “Stimulus Package” Project Benefits

Don’t Cover Up Old Leaks with New Streets!

The heavy schedule of planned road construction and resurfacing has placed new demands on municipalities and contractors to survey for leak possibilities at the site of new roadway construction. Use the leak survey as a means to verify the integrity of water lines before and after construction jobs.

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Comprehensive Leak Survey Programs

Reduce Water Leakage and Save Money

Whether you have 1 mile or 1,000 miles of water main, ATS has a Leak Survey to Fit Your Needs.

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Underground Utility Location & Mapping Services

40 Years of Experience and Unsurpassed Accuracy

Since 1979, clients who require accurate utility location information have benefited from ATS Precision Utility Location Services. Fully Trained and Experienced ATS Technicians are out in the field everyday locating underground utilities of all types with consistent accuracy from small jobs to the largest applications.

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ATS Launches New Professional Services

Valve Operation and Maintenance Programs

Make sure all of your Valves and Fire Hydrants operate properly when you need them the most.

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing and Water Main Flushing Programs

Properly maintained Fire Hydrants save lives and property. Water main flushing maintains and improves water quality.

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Valve Exercising & Assessment Programs

ATS Comprehensive Valve Programs

Benefits of an ATS Comprehensive Valve Exercising and Assessment Program

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Water Main Flushing & Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Annual hydrant testing and water main flushing programs improve water quality, uncover potential problems, save lives and property.

Hydrant flushing also provides the opportunity to check the volume of water as well as pressure that is available at each hydrant.

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Take the Headaches Out of Budget Planning

Look to ATS to Help You Put Together Your “Wish List” for Services, Equipment and Training

ATS offers a full line-up of great leak pinpointing and utility location services as well as equipment sales to meet your exact needs.

We Carry a complete line of Leak Correlator Systems, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, Utility locating, inspection equipment and comprehensive operator training programs.

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Professional Services for Plumbers and Contractors

40 Years of Experience and Unsurpassed Accuracy Pinpointing Leaks and Locating Underground Utilities

Got a pressure test leak that prevents your water system from passing? Maybe there is other evidence of a leak. You can’t afford to guess.

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Universal Precision Cable and Pipe Locator

Delivering fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable locate data.

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RD 7100

Utility Cable and Pipe Locator

Delivering fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable locate information for all utilities.

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Fisher FPID 2100

Ferro Magnetic Locator

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S30 Surveyor

Leak Noise Amplification System

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AccuCorr DX

Digital leak noise correlator

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AC Digital

Leak Noise Correlator

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GatorCam 4+

CCTV Pipe Inspection Equipment

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