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“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”


ATS has a fleet of "Leakmobiles"
ATS has a fleet of "Leakmobiles" that are fully equipped with the best equipment available, and a crew of highly skilled Field Technicians. If you need us in a pinch, we’ll be there fast!

Since 1979, ATS has specialized in the field of computerized underground leak detection & location, as well as electronic underground utility location and mapping.

In 1991, ATS earned the rights to be Radiodetection’s exclusive representatives to the municipal public works field to market Radiodetection Technology and provide training to operators of all skill levels.

Whether we’re asked to pinpoint a utility in one spot, something larger such as a university or industrial campus, or even locate the entire underground utility network for an entire city, ATS has been consistently successful. The wide range of applications and working environments has truly rounded out the skills of our ATS Field Technicians. Locating and mapping of Communication, Electric, Gas, Sewer & Water lines as considered to be routine applications for the ATS staff.


ATS uses the best performing location equipment that is available on the market at any price. Schonstedt GA-92XTd Series Locators are used to pinpoint the location of buried underground valve covers, manholes, B-Boxes, and other Ferrous metals. These appurtenances are typically used to attach our signal transmitters, and are the cornerstones of a successful line location survey.

To locate and trace underground utilities of all types, we use Radiodetection RD8100, RD8000, and RD7100 Series Location Equipment and components. These precision Radiodetection instruments, coupled with High Power Transmitters give our highly skilled staff the ability to trace the layout of Communication Lines, Electric, Gas, Sewer, Water and other types of utility lines in even the most congested areas with the reliability our customers have come to know and trust.


ATS does not guarantee the location or accurate pinpointing of a utility line or lines. ATS does assure that a best effort in that regard will be put forward.

Louis J. Gross and Ralph F. Gross
This painting of the Engineers Louis J. Gross (L) and Ralph F. Gross (R) was painted by their father Oskar Gross

Since 1979, ATS has earned its standing as one of the most innovative and successful leak location firms in America. We have conducted hundreds of leak surveys in cities of all sizes, ages and make-ups, all across the Midwest region alone.

Many of these cities have had experience with other leak survey firms in addition to ATS. In every one of those cities, ATS has never found less than 2 to 10 times more leakage than the competitor’s survey that preceded the ATS Survey in the same town.

Please keep in mind that there are really two-dollar amounts to consider during your evaluation process.

One is the contract price to hire a professional leak survey firm.

The second, and ultimately more significant figure is the total amount of leakage that the surveyor will discover and its value. What did you get in return for your money?

Actual track records prove that any initial savings in a competitor’s low price will be offset many times over by the superior results of an ATS Comprehensive Leak Survey Program.

We have the ability and necessary experience to provide you with the underground utility line location information that you need. We electronically trace out the layout of the underground water main, sewer, light cable, electric, gas and any other utilities that you request. Field Pickup / Topography measurements will be made by your land surveyors.

A History of Water Conservation

ATS has a rich heritage of Engineers and water conservationists, and is now run by the third generation of Engineers in the Water Conservation Field

Starting with two engineers in 1964, the consulting firm of Gross & Son, Associates, Inc. opened up its doors. At one time it was one of the largest engineering firms in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL with more than 30 employees. The 700' Kankakee River Bridge in Wilmington, IL was the last project design by Gross & Son, Associates, Inc. The firm retired in 1990.

Associated Technical Services Ltd., was started in 1979 and now numbers more than 20 regular employees, with access to a variety of experts in specialized technical areas.

ATS Ltd. has an excellent financial history, and its sound fiscal and credit position ensure its readiness to serve its clients with security and reliability.