Valve Exercising

Valve Turning
ATS's Annual Maintenance Programs can help you keep your water system running efficiently and flowing smoothly.
ATS's Annual Maintenance Programs can help you keep your water system running efficiently and flowing smoothly.

ATS uses only the best equipment to accomplish this important annual maintenance program to keep your water system running and flowing smoothly. All of our personnel have passed comprehensive factory training programs. Valve Exercising is performed with EH WACHS' best ERV750 Valve Operator / Maintenance Trailer, Hydraulic Hand Operator and TRAV-L-Vac 3000, so that every valve is thoroughly operated properly.

Every water system has valves that regulate, stop, or start the flow of water in the distribution lines. Being able to locate and operate these valves at a moment’s notice is extremely important.

In an emergency, sections of a water distribution system may need to be completely shut down without delay. If a valve is not used or properly exercised, it can seize-up from corrosion and make the valve inoperable. Valve exercising programs can help maintain the useful life, safety and operation of water system valves.

Benefits of an ATS Valve Operation Maintenance Program.

  • Reduction of water loss and property damage by being able to quickly isolate a water main break.
  • Knowing where the valves are will help locate the rest of the distribution system, which is often an issue, particularly with older utilities.
  • Obtaining detailed information on the valve type and size.
  • Longer usable valve life.
  • Reducing labor costs by being able to find and use the valves in an emergency.
  • Being able to isolate part of the system during a repair, or other planned maintenance.

Common Valve Problems

Valves can malfunction by previous attempts to operate it improperly. The valve stem or operating nut can break before any movement of the gate. Some valves turn fairly easily all the way down to the near closed position and then require excessive torque to get them to open back up. This is caused by using too much torque the first time the valve was getting into the near-closed position. This is most likely caused by tuberculation (buildup) that occurs at the bottom of the gate valve. Control of the torque is critical in valve exercising and why ATS uses the ERV750 Hydraulic Valve Operator. Regular exercising can also keep packing glands in good shape and alleviate valve packing leaks.

Starting a Valve Exercising Program

Looking at the number of valves in your entire water system can be overwhelming and exercising them may seem like an impossible task to accomplish. ATS can help you achieve immediate positive results by developing a well-conceived valve exercising program with properly trained technicians using state of the art equipment.